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Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale Customers

I'm trying to make a retail order but I've ended up on the wholesale side of the site

You should be on the retail side of the site, click here.

Why are your books so cheap?

Many of our books are remaindered stock. A remainder is a book that is sold in bulk by a publisher once its sales have slowed down. Most books are remaindered eventually. This means we can obtain excellent titles in the MBS field and sell them on at discount prices to you. Publishers sometimes mark remaindered books by stamping an edge with a marker, this does not generally detract from the appearance of the book. Remainders are sometimes referred to as publisher over runs.

What about VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is only charged on UK orders.

There is no VAT on books. There is VAT however (charged at 20%) on tarot cards, CD's, audio tapes and stationery. Boxed sets that contain a book as well as other items are charged at 10% VAT. VAT is automatically included in our prices.

What about delivery?

For UK orders under £150 a £10 shipping charge will be added. Orders over £150 will receive free shipping. Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland and other off-mainland areas will be subject to additional shipping charges.

Overseas customers with a UK shipper will also receive free shipping.

Please see our shipping page.

I used to order a title from you but it's no longer on the website, can I still get it?

Our website list all the titles that are currently available to wholesale customers. If a title no longer appears on the website we have sold out. As most of our stock is remaindered it is unlikely that we will be able to obtain further stock.

My order has arrived but some titles are missing or damaged, what do I do?

Phone the office on 01458 831800 or email us.